Revised Improved Hellcat hunting rig and two standard ALICEs




OK I revised my Improved Hellcat pack, making it for a hunting rig, and moved the ALICE pack up to the top, and inserted a MSS bag that has a GI Intermediate Cold Weather sleeping bag (from the 80s, synthetic version of the M1949 mummy sleeping bag), and attached a gun scabbard to the right of the pack, and two canteens on the opposite to balance it out somewhat. I think this pack should be decent for hunting or target shooting, with a standard hunting carbine in the scabbard (SKS is inserted, but for hunting, it would have a flush 5 round magazine for Oregon State laws)


pack with MSS bag on bottom, SKS scabbard, and two canteens, along with filleting knife. I also added a webbing carry handle to the top, which also loops through the Tri-Glides of the load lifter straps so as to prevent accidentally undoing them.

DSCN1707view of the pack from the back; you can see how I moved the load lifter straps to the outboard top slots, and the webbing handle inserted through the same slots


view of the canteen side; the top canteen has a camelbak straw inserted into a canteen cap I modified by drilling a hole teeny bit smaller than the straw’s outside diameter, this allows a friction fit and prevents accidental leaks

DSCN1710the gun scabbard side, while there is room on the scabbard itself for pouches, I have decided not to put anything on the scabbard, so as to keep the balance of the load as reasonable as possible.

DSCN1713here, you can see the Improved Hellcat hunting rig between two standard  ALICE packs, the one on the left hand side has a green buttpack installed on the bottom, it is a mid 80s, early 90s ALICE MEDIUM pack. The other one on the far right, is a very early model, 1974 contract I believe, the buckles are cam/spring loaded friction buckles, and the fabric has faded quite significantly, it has two 2 qt canteens, one on each side, and a M1967 sleep carrier holding a camo compression sack.


you can see how the frames and the straps are different between the 3, the one on the Left, has the old style ALICE LC ruck straps, 2nd generation I believe with two quick releases rather than one like the 1st generation, the shoulder padding is short on this set, while the set on the one to the Right of the Hellcat are generally considered 3rd generation LC-2 straps, the padding on these are much longer, going from pack attachment all the way past the quick release hardware, it is similar to Tactical Tailor’s Super Straps, but without sternum straps. the kidney pads on the two Standard ALICE Mediums are missing belt portions, the one on the Right used to have a roll pin type of attachment for the belt webbing.

I might modify one of the standard ALICE packs to have Desert Camo MOLLE straps and belt, not sure which one yet.

Getting back into Tactical gear mostly for myself…..

Hello world! After a good while of not being involved with the Tactical gear making side; and after looking for a vest/harness set up that would be ideal with my large girth and size…and having had no success…I decided to jump back into making tactical gear for myself….not for commercial sales or private sales; except in very specific circumstances; but otherwise…. mostly for my personal use 🙂 Made my own Harness/LBE, modeled after the following models; Eagle DFLCS, Safariland SPEAR/ELCS Harness portion, and the Israeli (IDF) Ephod Vest used from the 1980s-onward… black material, with pouches very much the same as what I have made; but directly sewn to the harness panels, and with Rothco’s H harness shoulder straps… took me 14 hours from start to finish on this thing…mostly due to measuring and cutting the fabrics and webbing.

the Specs are as follows; each Harness panel is 18″ long by 9″ tall on one side, 5″ tall on other side, with a 9″x5″ panel of Universal Webbing; IE, 3 rows of 1″ webbing and two rows of 2″ webbing, which enables the user to use both ALICE and MOLLE equipment, and two main pouches of 4.5″ width, with 5″ height and 2.5″ depth, and a smaller 6″x3″ Universal Webbing panel above the main pouches, and 2 4.5″x5″ flat profile open top pockets behind the pouches for misc flat items (empty SKS clips or Shears or cards or folded map, or emergency space blanket each would fit the pocket, maybe even a wallet!)

Current load is 300 rounds of 7.62x39mm on 10 rd SKS clips, one box of 25 12 gauge shells in the four main pouches, 10 shells of 12 gauge buckshot in a Rothco shotgun pouch above the two main pouches on one side,,  30 rounds of 9mm in two magazine pouches, one on each inboard side of the main center pouches, a 9mm Ruger P85 in a Rothco universal LC holster, a Lensatic USGI compass in a black compass/field dressing pouch, and a 2-AA Mini-Maglite inserted into one of the webbing slots

I am looking for either single pistol mag pouches in black MOLLE, or a double and a leatherman Kick MOLLE sheath to replace the two green pouches I have on there, and will add a general purpose utility pouch on the weak side (left side opposing the holstered side);

DSCF0406 DSCF0407 DSCF0408 DSCF0409 DSCF0410 DSCF0411

slight update; working on the bicycle pack system and painting

So it is a beautiful Spring day out here…been doing lots of job applications and trying to refine my bicycle rig for more grocery capacity/hunting/camping…and doing a bit of  art painting…. bike so far has the following items lashed/rigged onto it;

two packed Medium ALICE packs on ALICE frames (frames are “flipped” so that smooth side is against the bike rack)

one USGI 9 strap compression sack loaded with tent, sleep bag, sleep pad, rope, stakes, poles

gun scabbard (Vism Shooting gear?) holding a hunting rifle and a medic pouch on outside

small “ALICE” styled bag up front, two medic pockets behind, and two 2-qt canteens in USMC pouches;

medium packs and gun scabbard on w first aid kit

angled view

back view showing just how wide it gets to be…

and my paintings so far;

painting of a nude woman; acrylics

work in progress painting of woman in red

update; new black pouch, gun shows report and bikepacking rig so far;

OK been a while since I posted here…..been busy with selling surplus equipment and uniforms at the local Gun Shows in Albany; they went rather well; made a bit of money in January and made a little less in February, did not have a vendor’s table at the Rickreall Show at the beginning of March; due to it being a little too last minute for me. Anyways…I’ve completed the first of a run of 8 black pouches in 1000D Cordura with vinyl backing; they are a little shorter than the woodland pouches, and wider than them, meant for 12 gauge shotgun shell boxes, medical first aid plastic inserts, or 12 SKS clips;

black pouch next to standard woodland pouch

back of black pouch showing dual method of attaching to belt; LC clips and belt loop in center

12 SKS stripper clips fits it

USGI Medical Kit Plastic Insert

12 gauge shotgun shell box, 2 3/4″ size, with room to spare

and my current bikepacking rig; with a repainted frame, camo front bag, two camo small pouches behind handlebar, 2x 2 quart canteens in USMC first aid kit pouches on frame, and two MOLLE sustainment pouches on rack with the large black compression sack holding my tent, poles, sleep pad, and sleeping bag. ; some photos shows it with no rear rack or bags;

current bikepacking rig

earlier pic without rear rack/bags, in the environment it’s meant to be in

yes that is an airsoft “army” helmet, will be replaced by a Giro helmet; showing the riverfront environment


getting ready for the Gun Show this weekend!

I am making 20 pouches for the gun show this weekend; 10 in Woodland and 10 in Army Combat Uniform’s Universal Camouflage Pattern (also known as ACU) and will be making Olive green pouches, Desert Camo pouches, and possibly black! Also, I will be having uniforms and equipment for sale at the Rickreall Gun Show in Rickreall, Oregon off of Highway 99W south of Highway 22;

they will also hold 25 rounds of 12 gauge 2 3/4″ shells loosely, as in no cardboard box, and they are excellent for first aid kits, small survival kits, hiking kits, gloves, hats, loose items for those who want a do-all type of belt pouch;

UPDATED INFO; SKS 100 rd pouch is in fact compatible with 4x AR15 20 round magazines!

I was looking at a M1967 AR15 20 round magazine pouch, and decided to load it with my SKS stripper clip ammo; it holds 10 clips a little snugly, so for those who have AR15 20 round magazines but are tired of having to fish them out of regular pouches, or having to add foam blocks to the bottom of your 30rd magazine pouches; my pouch is in fact an excellent replacement! I have them in ACU with MOLLE, Woodland with both LC and MOLLE webbing, and will be offering 3 color or dark khaki for those who like Flat Dark Earth…

no new business, got ideas, heart surgery…

no new orders for my SKS pouches at the moment, so I’m looking at other pouch ideas and gear ideas, and trying to design a system of brackets to utilize LC frames onto a bicycle frame to enable people to use ALICE rucks as saddlebags on a MTB frame, and have been staying at my parents for a couple weeks due to my dad’s heart surgery, a triple bypass surgery.. He is doing very good and is coming home tomorrow, I will most likely remain here for the better part of 6 weeks as he recovers as an assistant and helper around the house, and a chauffeur since the Dr. told him no driving for 6 weeks. I might bring the sewing supplies over to their house so I can do some new ideas and projects and see what happens, I am thinking maybe make pouches for the Tapco SKS duckbills, not sure yet…

newly updated pouch!

just updated the pouch design to simplify the main webbing and side webbing, and added a reinforcement panel on the bottom of the pouch; I am also going to be making them in Universal Camo Pattern (also known as ACU after the newer Army uniform, Army Combat Uniform)

pictures are in the following links


Been busy….made a couple MOLLE versions, and got a friend whose site is up!

made 5 more pouches and shipped them out to beta testers; and finished 2 MOLLE versions a few days ago! now I just need to get more webbing; probably tomorrow, and then finish up the first batch of 15 pouches! also; will be making a few upsized pouches, at 5x5x3 and in MOLLE, possibly belt loops, for shotgun shell boxes,Jungle first aid kit plastic insert, AR15 20 round magazines, possibly AK 10rd magazines….we’ll see how they fit!

pictures of the MOLLE version, shown with USGI Army Medic pockets and mounted to Plate Carrier; the MOLLE version takes 3 MOLLE slots space on the plate carrier; and takes uh around 3 rows

and for my friend, Jon, his new site is up and running, it is all about guns and politics…feel free to join it!


copy and paste address below;

updated Pouch with current design!

well after some mishaps with the webbing lol; I am now starting up the “production” model of the SKS pouch !

basically I’ve done some tweaking of the design, and shortened the 1″ webbing used for the SR buckles so that the pieces are there when open as opposed to having to fish for it to close. this is the current design, and I must say, it looks MUCH cleaner!


more pictures!

direct links;