Revised Improved Hellcat hunting rig and two standard ALICEs




OK I revised my Improved Hellcat pack, making it for a hunting rig, and moved the ALICE pack up to the top, and inserted a MSS bag that has a GI Intermediate Cold Weather sleeping bag (from the 80s, synthetic version of the M1949 mummy sleeping bag), and attached a gun scabbard to the right of the pack, and two canteens on the opposite to balance it out somewhat. I think this pack should be decent for hunting or target shooting, with a standard hunting carbine in the scabbard (SKS is inserted, but for hunting, it would have a flush 5 round magazine for Oregon State laws)


pack with MSS bag on bottom, SKS scabbard, and two canteens, along with filleting knife. I also added a webbing carry handle to the top, which also loops through the Tri-Glides of the load lifter straps so as to prevent accidentally undoing them.

DSCN1707view of the pack from the back; you can see how I moved the load lifter straps to the outboard top slots, and the webbing handle inserted through the same slots


view of the canteen side; the top canteen has a camelbak straw inserted into a canteen cap I modified by drilling a hole teeny bit smaller than the straw’s outside diameter, this allows a friction fit and prevents accidental leaks

DSCN1710the gun scabbard side, while there is room on the scabbard itself for pouches, I have decided not to put anything on the scabbard, so as to keep the balance of the load as reasonable as possible.

DSCN1713here, you can see the Improved Hellcat hunting rig between two standard  ALICE packs, the one on the left hand side has a green buttpack installed on the bottom, it is a mid 80s, early 90s ALICE MEDIUM pack. The other one on the far right, is a very early model, 1974 contract I believe, the buckles are cam/spring loaded friction buckles, and the fabric has faded quite significantly, it has two 2 qt canteens, one on each side, and a M1967 sleep carrier holding a camo compression sack.


you can see how the frames and the straps are different between the 3, the one on the Left, has the old style ALICE LC ruck straps, 2nd generation I believe with two quick releases rather than one like the 1st generation, the shoulder padding is short on this set, while the set on the one to the Right of the Hellcat are generally considered 3rd generation LC-2 straps, the padding on these are much longer, going from pack attachment all the way past the quick release hardware, it is similar to Tactical Tailor’s Super Straps, but without sternum straps. the kidney pads on the two Standard ALICE Mediums are missing belt portions, the one on the Right used to have a roll pin type of attachment for the belt webbing.

I might modify one of the standard ALICE packs to have Desert Camo MOLLE straps and belt, not sure which one yet.

Bike buckets reflectors; and well…damage.

got reflectors mounted on the buckets; and took pics of them today after a few days of riding with the buckets mounted…. and then today. A driver hit my right side bucket as she was accelerating from the parking lot, into the sun’s direction….so she never saw me; and as she was not wearing sunglasses; could not see well enough against the glare of the sun and her eyeglasses.  she gave me her number to call to make sure I get the replacement parts; which entails; a new plano bucket, a set of MALICE clips, and very possibly a replacement rack.


rear reflectors and bungee cordDSCN1606

side reflectorDSCN1607

front corner reflectorsDSCN1608

USGI NVG bag; up front; as a low-rider pannierDSCN1609

wham bam no thanks; bent rack leg; MALICE clipDSCN1610


detail of MALICE clip; tore right off the screws.


shattered corner DSCN1611

shattered front cornerDSCN1613

torn MALICE clip


I am just thankful it was not worse, it could have been my leg that got hit, it could have been in such a way that I got flipped onto the hood of the ramming car;  and I am thankful that the bucket was in the way of the impact, rather than me.

updating….still not doing tactical gear; but focusing on bike; bike buckets!

Hello; I haven’t been on for a while….been busy looking for jobs and working on bicycles; I’ve managed to get my hard-sided pannier project underway and the space of one hour.


the boxes before being put on; yes thats a 1 gallon water jug; each box can hold 2.DSCN1594

the mounting hardware; 4x Tactical Tailor MALICE clips; these have 3/16 holes for 6-32 screws, mostly used for mounting kydex holsters and hard sided accessories. I have seen them used to hold heavily loaded rucksacks on the insides of vehicles; DSCN1595

marked locations for the MALICE clips to go inDSCN1596

drilled holes, and mounted MALICE clips with 6x 6-32 boltsDSCN1597

yeah the bolts are a little long…replaced with shorter ones DSCN1598

first one on the bicycle rear rackDSCN1599

showing the first system mounting; I didn’t like how the tabs were at the bottom…and sticking into the tire’s path.DSCN1600

showing the rough locations; this is to ensure that the panniers don’t slide back or forward into the cantilever brakes. DSCN1601

both of them mounted; with revised system; where the tabs are on the top instead, and with revised boltsDSCN1603 DSCN1604total cost of materials;

$25 apiece for Plano Large Marine Storage boxes from local sporting goods; could’ve paid less on Amazon but I didn’t have patience lol

$5.23 for set of 4 Tactical Tailor MALICE clips

$1.29 for 10x 6/32×1/2″ machine screws with nuts package, 2x packages

$.50 for baggy of10x  6/32×1″ machine screws with nuts; from Habitat for Humanity ReStore


much cheaper than spending $2-3 each for J hooks, or buying BikeBins hard panniers, yeah I could’ve saved more by getting laundry/kitty litter buckets, but I need something that can carry books/art supplies/clothes/equipment/tools without compromising with sizes, and the nice thing about these, they have trays and smaller storage pockets on the lids for misc items; I am planning to find a few rope cleats so I can lash things across the top of them.