6-mag chest rig with Esstac KYWIs

Made a simple fixed pocket chest rig that can use the LBT H harness that I have, and utilizes Esstac KYWI inserts. Next version likely will be 4x double KYWI without little pockets, simply because the Double KYWIs are easier to draw magazines, whereas the Singles are a bit tight.

Materials used

500D Cordura, olive drab from Rockywoods

OD7 webbing

ITW NEXUS hardware

Esstac KYWI inserts

Woodland Klettersack style rucksack

Made a 500D/1000D Klettersack style rucksack for the MOLLE Medium/DEI 1609 frame; its capacity is roughly between the 1700ci coyote bag and the 2,000+ MOLLE mini filbe bag. It has minimal MOLLE for just the two USGI Sustainment pouches; single buckle lid and drawcord closure. There are also two 2″ lash tabs on the bottom for lashing items to it. The minimalist trampoline ruck belt is also self-made, from 3.5″ and 1.5″ webbing with 1″ frame attachment straps. For light loads, I believe the belt will work decently, and with the relative small size of the overall pack, it should be great for 3 days or so of hiking

bag without external pockets
sideways view of bag
frame side with ALICE shoulder straps and minimal belt, showing how the frame attaches
showing the straps
minimalist belt removed
lid side detail
lid drawcord
lower frame attachment
side view with sustainment pouch
bottom view with sustainment pouches
with sustainment pouches attached
next to Mini FILBE ruck with sustainment pouches
side views of both packs with sustainment pouches
with USGI Thermarest pad lashed to bottom using self made 1.5″ lash straps
view of drawcord closure and 5×5 nape pad inserted between frame horns

1,700 cubic inch low profile pack update

Decided to see how the FILBE yoke fit on the small pack, it worked okay as seen here

After a few overnight trips to family with wife and baby, I wasn’t satisfied with how the yoke didn’t feel as secure and how the bottom of the back panel poked/pushed away from the pack, so I ripped some stitching out on the side seams and inserted a band of 3.5″ Webbing to make a lower retainer for the FILBE yoke
Now the whole thing feels much more secure.

This bag now feels better and more comfortable than when it had ALICE shoulder straps.

Custom simple chest rig from USMC Bandolier

This was a test of my newly acquired #1 Zig Zag cam for the Singer 328K; a pair of skeletal MOLLE panels attached to an USMC Bandolier to turn it into a simple chest rig without additional Cordura fabric. I also made a custom H style shoulder strap/cross strap harness with new Coyote Tan buckles


Shown without pouches, with my retro 6.5 Grendel pistol project20200826_114535

Back of the rig


Close up of the MOLLE skeletal panel showing the bar tacks and line tacks used together


Backside without harness, and with two USMC First Aid Kit pouches woven on.


With the two pouches woven on, and still with retro 6.5 Grendel pistol.


Well, I hope y’all enjoyed this update!

Custom elastic strap with side release buckle for the M12/UM84 Bianchi holster

I made this to replace the standard flap on the Bianchi M12 holster; since the original elastic is getting a bit worn.

1.75″ camo green webbing

1″ Ranger Green webbing

2″ tan velcro

2″ ITW Loop

1″ Foliage Green ITW Surface mount buckle


The unit before it gets installed, and installed


Close up of how its installed and how secure it is


Client photos of Ranger Green equipment

From This post

And This other post

My client sent me some higher quality photos of the pouches,as well as a couple on his personal “grab and go” armor rig

Views of pouches from front and inside

View of back and side of 1×2 kangaroo


View of them on carrier, on each side of the triple magazine pouch


Ranger Green 500d single M4 pouch with field dressing pocket

Made a companion pouch for the RG 1×2 kangaroo pouch, with a Field dressing pocket on the flap.

Views of both pouches loaded, and of their differing backs

Field dressing/utility pocket details, the loop at the top is for paracord to be tied for use with compass pouch or other items, the other loop is the ejector /elevator strap which aids in retrieving the field dressing or other items.

With small pocket emptied showing how the flap reduces profile

Attached to a MOLLE LBV panel; showing how the Paraclete/AWS inc/Blackwater style soft straps are woven and folded into the MOLLE slots.

Ranger Green 1×2 kangaroo pouch


Made this for a client. He wanted one M4 and 2 M9 mags in one pouch, with MOLLE and in 500D Ranger Green.

Showing basic construction and sizing

With single M4 mag inserted

With all mags inserted

Details of the back mounting method, and how its attached to a MOLLE panel. Also a shot with flap covering all 3 magazines.

420D Woodland pack

Made a panel loading pack bag and shoulder straps for the Coleman frames out of Taiwan sourced 420D Nylon woodland camo fabric. It has about 1900 cubic inches from what I can remember, and has nearly minimal MOLLE webbing.

With gear loaded in it. The outdoor shots have USGI MOLLE II suspension while the inside shot has the shoulder straps I made

Side, MOLLE II suspension and bottom views

Views of the custom straps I made, using old USGI MOLLE II QD buckles, metal tribars. Single layer camo fabric, with spacer mesh bottom layer and closed cell foam inside the two layers. Not totally happy with how the straps and padding came out.

Details of the frame attachments for the straps using metal tribar buckles.