Woodland Klettersack style rucksack

Made a 500D/1000D Klettersack style rucksack for the MOLLE Medium/DEI 1609 frame; its capacity is roughly between the 1700ci coyote bag and the 2,000+ MOLLE mini filbe bag. It has minimal MOLLE for just the two USGI Sustainment pouches; single buckle lid and drawcord closure. There are also two 2″ lash tabs on the bottom for lashing items to it. The minimalist trampoline ruck belt is also self-made, from 3.5″ and 1.5″ webbing with 1″ frame attachment straps. For light loads, I believe the belt will work decently, and with the relative small size of the overall pack, it should be great for 3 days or so of hiking

bag without external pockets
sideways view of bag
frame side with ALICE shoulder straps and minimal belt, showing how the frame attaches
showing the straps
minimalist belt removed
lid side detail
lid drawcord
lower frame attachment
side view with sustainment pouch
bottom view with sustainment pouches
with sustainment pouches attached
next to Mini FILBE ruck with sustainment pouches
side views of both packs with sustainment pouches
with USGI Thermarest pad lashed to bottom using self made 1.5″ lash straps
view of drawcord closure and 5×5 nape pad inserted between frame horns

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