Adding a FILBE lid to a modified RATS pack

Did this for a client, as his Mystery Ranch RATS pack had been modified and was missing a lid. It took a while to disassemble the RATS lid attachment area in order to get the FILBE lid to fit on there. Due to the large lid’s size, I modified it so that it would better envelope the RATS pack, and added two long straps where the original buckles were, and a new center buckle for the RATS strap. This gives it 3 lid straps, with 2 optional locations for the side lid straps to connect to. I will likely make two lash straps for the extra buckles on the bottom.

view of modified FILBE lid on top
side view of modified FILBE lid
inside view with removable stiffening rod
new carry handle with metal D rings
close up of center strap
side strap attachment option 1
side strap attachment option 2

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