Slick MOLLE Cummerbund flap adapter, Multicam

Sewn up this prototype out of 330D Cordura Multicam; it is a slick (no MOLLE webbing on front panel) 3-magazine pouch that is also a Plate Carrier cummerbund flap; for users whose plate carriers do not have a C-bund flap system in place; such as the 1st gen Diamondback FAPC shown; Blackhawk! Industries STRIKE Light Weight PC; and so on. DSCF1615

view of flap side


Flap opened; 4″ hook and loop panels; I chose not to cover the entire inside of the flap with hook and loop, but the option is there if needed.


Back; using the Tactical Tailor style of MALICE attachment and clips


On the Diamondback Tactical FAPC rig


Closeup of top area, no bungee cords yet, I think the next project like this, would have a shorter magazine pocket so that the mags are easier to get at.


The side; unlike most systems in use, this requires the C-bund to go over the magazines, thus securing the mags and maintaining a lower profile than the other method of mag sleeves in front of C-bund flap. With elastic C-bund system, or the Skeletal C-bund, this should be more secure and lower profile.


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