6-man USGI shelter half set up

I’ve been quite busy this holiday season…though… I picked up two complete USGI Pup Tents, and have made this 6-man shelter out of 6 shelter halves, 12x pole sections, and four 9ft poles assembled from the Greatland Cabin tent… the external A-frame set up was a pain in the butt to do, but this was all by myself, not with another person which might’ve made it easier to set up…

using this page as a guide;



I followed most of the directions and made the shelter; it is around 12 feet by 12 feet octagon, with roughly 5 feet wide long edges and 4 feet corner edges, and around 8 feet tall, this shelter gives a group of people a lot of space, and depending on what they bring, has room enough for a heater or a wood stove if the pipe can go out somewhere…


corner shot, the triangle opening is the entry opening, one could do without a 4th wall in the base and use an open face set up next to a fire with the top triangle end folded back


sideways angle view, you see the Inverted V rope, that is part of a W shaped guy line because I did not check to make sure the top halves have snap buttons on the bottom edges..whoops


closed up corner view. On building the base, I found I do not need to have a 4th wall to keep the other 3 suspended, so that provides another way to have entrance or one could combine multiple pieces to make for a huge communal shelter.

The whole shelter is very heavy, and would NOT be good for backpacking at all, unless spread out by people. It might be possible to carry all of it on a gear sled in winter, or a wheeled cart in spring and fall…

Well Tomorrow or so I will do other set ups and take pics!



3 thoughts on “6-man USGI shelter half set up

  1. Thanks for putting this up! I’ve been toying with this for a few months with limited success. Two problems: keeping base square and making or getting long enough poles. You said 9 ft? What materials would you suggest?

    • Around 9 feet yes. May require 10 feet. for the base; start with 4 halves, and yes it can be difficult to get it squared but shouldn’t be difficult, I think just three would be stable enough, you want to start from corner out, with the overlap, it will be squared if you stake both triangle overlaps into the same stake. or you could lay it out flat, and put the 4 shelter half poles, it’ll be a square, then that will tell you the rough area to stake out. As for the peak poles, you might be able to use two USGI GP Small or Medium tent poles, which should be able to reach 9-10 feet, but that might be more difficult to source. I’ve used old steel tent poles with some success, but I really think the interior poles would be best.

      • Thanks for the answers. Next time I go play I’ll try setting them out like that. Never thought about that! I’ll also poke around for some tent poles like you described.

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