Costume finished!

Finished up my Mad Max Berserker Costume! DSCN1587

Mock up design first time around


Close up of mock up


Bubble helmet visor and USGI Sun Wind Dust goggles


Alternative mock up with brown coat


DSCN2146Final design done; I went with different shoulder armor and the black Mosaic leather jacket, and changed belt kit layout.


Shoulder armor; held to the leather jacket by 4 Line 24 steel snaps and an elastic strap around the biceps. The armor is basically a set of kids catcher knee/shin guards. Perfect sizing for shoulder/bicep armor..


Detail of belt with wrenches attached.

DSCN2149Other side of belt, with old hunting bowie knife


Berserker helmet with SCOTT face mask and USGI Sun-Wind-Dust goggles


The face mask used to be a paintball mask; but is now attached to the red helmet using Line 24 steel snaps


With goggles out of way, and with welders goggles on.


helmet-less version, black scarf and vintage welders goggles.


Armored riding boots; the armor pieces were from a catchers shin guard set..knee portions removed and the boots are simply USGI Leather Bellevue boots.


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