Gordon Road location scouting

Went on a location scouting trip for a group camping event…

Found a beautiful location, beautiful site….although if I had driven a bit further, I might’ve found another site near Gordon Lakes….

DSCN2025Campsite area, it is big enough for a few vehicles, tents, and kitchen site.

DSCN2026View of entrance of trail into the woods

DSCN2027Looking downhill on one side of trail


Another view of the woods

DSCN2028Downhill on different part of trail, several sites in the interior of the woods could be good for smaller tents and so on.

DSCN2030Such beautiful view of the mountains from the trail

DSCN2031Looking up into the clear blue skies.. Yes that tree is still there, It is NOT falling down!

DSCN2032Nice little Madrona shrub growing.

DSCN2033A view of the mountain ranges…Consider that this is not as high an elevation as it could have been from the road….. I am impressed.

DSCN2034Another view of the surrounding mountains

DSCN2035Looking back East towards the campsite trails

DSCN2043Another shot of the forest and its underbrush developing.

DSCN2044Hammock test set up with small tarp, bugnet, underpad 🙂

DSCN2045Looking at the hammock site from a fair distance away, around 50 yards…it blends in OKAY in this terrain, from a helicopter or other mountains, probably not noticeable.

DSCN2046Another view of the hammock tarp set up; I only used 3 stakes, tying mostly to the trees.

DSCN2047A different angle showing the “beak” of one side.

DSCN2048Another growing Madrona tree

DSCN2049Twig fire! I picked up the trash after the fire, since previous occupants left some trash in the firepit.

DSCN2050My dinner for the day; Idahoan instant taters in a canteen cup!

DSCN2036My Hellcat pack system and day trip belt kit; I am a believer in being armed when walking the woods alone.

DSCN2037Other side of pack.

The Open cell foam pad, hammock, Kelty top quilt, straps and bugnet are all in the black MSS bag, while the tarp is in the very top pocket of the small “Recon” pack, which also holds my foods, water in 3 1 qt canteens, fire kit, stakes and ropes. My clothes are in the MOLLE Sustainment pouches on the sides, with one holding just fleece pull over and fleece throw blanket for additional insulation if needed, and the other holding the rest of my clothes.

I also have a small tube sack stuffed with left over open cell foam to use as a pillow for either neck or knees in the hammock.

My first aid kit is in the top flap’s bottom pocket, while I have another quart of water on the waist belt, and a pouch holding my compass, along with a medic pocket holding my trail snacks and granola bars.


4 thoughts on “Gordon Road location scouting

  1. hi there. I found a picture of yours on a different site. universal shooting. you have a day belt with camelback and I really like the set up. can you tell me the setup info so I can duplicate?

    • Yes I can; it is a day pack using ALICE LC-2/3 long straps attached to a Spec Ops HUMP hydration pouch, and then to a standard LC-2 belt…the ammo pouches on that set up have been sold and changed out for the 200 round SAW ammo pouches. For the straps to attach to the SAW ammo pouches, I use a couple of those metal snap hook ends attached to the LC-3 pack straps. I don’t use the camelbak anymore, so I now just have a standard Y suspender set up on it and use one of the SAW pouches to hold a canteen.

      • It does make sense by itself yes; however with it filled with 2 quarts of water and any one of my packs loaded up, it didn’t work as well as I would have liked it to work.. mainly due to the waist belt compressing the water bladder and due to me wearing my LBE below my packs’ waist belts.
        Now with the recon buttpack attached to it and a bed roll of some sort mounted up high, then it could work….the HUMP hydration pouch provides a couple snap hooks lower on it for such things, and there are the webbing loops up top…a MOLLE version on a MOLLE H harness could also work well with a small ultralight trekking bag system, or with kit attached directly to it via the MOLLE webbing.

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