Modified a Thrift Store Kelty mummy bag into a top Quilt!

Scored a Synthetic Kelty mummy bag from a thrift store; tested it in store, its a little tight fit in its stock form, so after looking up other designs for mummy bags into top quilts, I found one that works with the Kelty’s shape, because it doesn’t have a peaked hood and a head hole like the other mummy bags, I did not need to remove the tiny “hood” from this one, and I decided to cut it in the middle going down around 50 inches, this gives me a nice foot box to keep my feet warm, and allows me to tuck the sides in. I am not sure which synthetic insulation this one is, but it feels MUCH warmer than my camo Great Land underquilt, and only weights 3 something pounds according to my fish scale….

Kelty Mummy Bag to Top Quilt 1basic Top quilt for hammock camping; top view, the top panel has two layers of insulation, while the bottom panels have only one, it was originally meant to be clipped to a pad of some sort, but because I’m a hammocker, and I dislike having to deal with zippers when in hammock; I cut it in the “back/bottom” and sewn the edges into hems  and now it is just a top quilt with a foot box.

Kelty Mummy Bag to Top  Quilt 2Back view of the topquilt, I didn’t do a perfect job of making sure my scissors stayed in the center of the back panel…..zipper is still on, I will be removing that later on and sewing the panels back together.

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