Two Hammocks under a single tarp; Bat-wing and Hex shaped tarps!

So after the day outing at Moose Creek, I decided that the Bat-Wing tarp may be large enough to hang two hammocks underneath, and decided to also try the Hex shaped tarp as well for a two hammock hanging set up;

Using 8 stakes, and two poles, The Bat-Wing tarp is set up below, great for summer/dry weather hanging!Bat-Wing Tarp Double Hammock 1

view of tarp and two hammocks under; this is a temp rig with two straps holding both hammocks, for camping, I would be using two long 2″ wide straps with two hooks on each ends, so that it is more effective and sturdy.

Bat-Wing Tarp Double Hammock 2Side view;

Bat-Wing Tarp Double Hammock 3view underneath; the main panel in the middle is approximately 57″ wide, plus 17″ wide triangles with 57″ bases; this provides just enough overhead coverage. And yes I am using whoopie slings on both hammocks, along with the spreader bars.

And with the Hex tarp I made, which still needs to be waterproofed;

DIY Hex Tarp Double Hammock 1SO MUCH COVERAGE. Though it is a bit short on the Ridge line, I think that can be solved by moving the tarp closer to the ground a little bit, so I will be figuring out the tarp suspension for this particular tarp later on.

DIY Hex Tarp Double Hammock 2Half the number of stakes and no poles; this is by far a much lighter option!

DIY Hex Tarp Double Hammock 3A lot more room and coverage, this set up with possibly trekking poles holding one side up in “porch” mode would give the two of us room to sit and cook on stoves, or just sit and chat…..if we aren’t in the hammocks laying and chatting. There is enough room under this tarp for some privacy, though I’ll be bringing a smaller tarp/curtain for privacy screening.

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