Made MOLLE panels for Baby Hellcat pack’s Stuff Sack!

So I decided that If I wanted to carry more gear, I would need a way to attach my MOLLE pouches to the pack, but I didn’t really have any good way to attach them to the pack without going to a new bag, until an idea struck me from the M1910 pack system; and inspired by Kifaru’s MOLLE panel compression system, I decided to make two MOLLE panels that could be attached to a frame and has compressing straps, to go around a stuff sack; which enables me to carry more gear without going too wide or going to a full sized pack system…

DSCN1952MOLLE panels by themselves, 9″ wide, 11″ tall, Triglide attachment straps and Fastex buckles

DSCN1953Mounted to the stuff sack and frame

DSCN1954With MOLLE sustainment pouches; sidelong view

DSCN1955Direct view of vertical set up; very similar layout and feel to the current crop of slim hiking packpacks one could find; though in camo 😉

DSCN1956With panels unbuckled to remove stuff sack.

In theory, one could use just the stuff sack and the panels on a smaller frame for an overnighter/ultra light backpacking system…..similar to the Molly Mac system, though with two panels instead of one.

With this set up, I could push 3-4, maybe 5 days of camping by putting clothes in the large pouches and food into the small main compartment of the upper pack, and add canteens to the waist belt for more water carriage; and still have a slimmer profile than the standard Hellcat with ALICE pack and additional pouches on the outside.



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