Baby Hellcat pack!

After the Moose Mountain trip, I decided the pack I used could carry better by being attached to a frame; so I took off the old ALICE pack off my Coleman PEAK 1 frame and put the little Recon pack on the frame…it carries better, and whats nice, I have the ability to lash whatever I need onto the frame!

DSCN1943pack on frame without sleeping bag;lots lots of room on the lower half of frame!

DSCN1946detail of top mount, I used the same short straps that attached the ALICE pack to the frame, and mounted them to the D rings on the Recon pack

DSCN1944Detail of bottom mount, I used the upper LC pack connection straps, and slotted them into the slotted panel on the middle of the PEAK 1 frame, its almost as if the frame was made for this sizing!

DSCN1949with sleeping bag mounted vertically instead of horizontally, this gives the pack a slimmer profile, and makes it easier to put into cars, and there’s room on the sides for tools if I need to carry them

DSCN1947sidelong view of the sleeping bag mounting system

DSCN1948detail shot of the slots the lashing straps goes into, there are many slots which can be used to lash tools or other items to the sides; this is actually a great frame to use for such things!

the frame is an old Coleman PEAK 1 frame, and I have USGI MOLLE pack straps and belt mounted to the frame, although the Recon pack is not an ALICE, it is shaped and built like one, just much much smaller and with two extra pouches on the top (large box pouch on top, zippered pocket on underside of flap), and has cinching cords on the 3 external pockets for keeping snow and water out.

DSCN1704the bare frame with the MOLLE equipment attached, and with two MEDIC pouches attached to belt.


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