Sleeping bags into hammock quilts! new modifications

So I modified my previous sleeping bag underquilt once again, to a set up I think will be better; by having 1/8″ shock cord running through the long side channels I made, and through the short side channels, it is now more comfortable, and not too tight against the hammock; it started as a rectangle sleeping bag, and I added webbing channels to the short sides and loops for a quick under quilt mod, but with the boot strings I used, it was not comfortable, and the sides kept wanting to fall off, so I cut holes in the corners and hemmed them, and ran shock cord through the new side channels, and the existing short side channels in order to be able to cinch up and suspend the quilt better;

Underquilt mod 1a close up of the cinched end;

Underquilt Mod 2attached to the tree strap with tow hook; the whoopie slings are larksheaded/girth hitched to the hook so as not to fall off easily, while the shock cord is simply looped and attached to the hook, which eventually will be replaced with lightweight climbing carabiners

Suspension whoopie and shock cords to hooka view of how I did the free end of the webbing straps by making a water knot loop on the end and doing a sling attachment point

Tree StrapThat is for the under quilt modification; here is the winter/cold weather top quilt I made out of an USGI Mummy bag; before the modification, it worked, but was a hassle just buttoning it up since it wanted to bunch up on the back side when in the hammock; I made a slit on the back around 44″ to 46″ roughly, and tested it, it is MUCH easier in the hammock, I simply put the hooded head end on while sitting up in the hammock, and then tuck my legs into the foot end before I lay in the hammock, this allows me to keep the front buttoned up and keeps my shoulders and body warm, with insulation on the back now taken care of by an under quilt, and if I need more insulation, I simply add a pad or a fleece blanket on the bottom of the hammock.

For the summer, I use a fleece blanket as a top quilt.

view of the slit I made on the back

Mummy Bag to Top Quilt 1slit opened up;

Mummy Bag to Top Quilt 2view from the front with partially unbuttoned fly;

Mummy Bag to Top Quilt 3buttoned up showing how it is covered

Mummy Bag to Top Quilt 4

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