Day trip to Moose Mountain!

went out to Moose Mountain in the Willamette National Forest; it was going to be an overnighter, but some things came up that I needed to do; so trip was cut short into a day trip….Anyways, it is a beautiful area to camp and hike; and there are many convenient trees for the hammock set up!

the view of the woods;

DSCN1913and another view, of the camping area I decided on;


the trail leading uphill to the car

DSCN1915a view of the road uphill to my camp; the tarp camp is in the picture if you can find it!

DSCN1925my tarp camp set up; using the Bat Wing tarp and with more stakes, opened up the interior by tying the side pull outs and guy lining them out.

DSCN1918another view of tarp camp;

DSCN1920the interior, you can see how it is opened up quite a bit compared to without the side pull outs;

DSCN1919a close up of the side pull out detail;

DSCN1921a dead stump with things growing out;

DSCN1916a Blue Oregon Iris growing near the campsite;

DSCN1917my attempt at making a Feather Stick out of a twig;

DSCN1932my overnight pack on the tree;

DSCN1922a view of the area downhill from the road/trail;

DSCN1926all packed up before leaving; ground tarp is always in my car

DSCN1933back side of pack showing the LC strap set up;

DSCN1934The pack is packed with the following;

In Main compartment
one pair of pants,
one pair of underwear
one pair of socks
two polyester shirts; one short and one long (Underarmor and jersey)
one fleece pull over
one fleece blanket
In side large pockets
canteen cups
1 qt canteens with water
large bowie knife
wand lighter
In center large pocket
Ramen noodle, one pack
Three Granola Bars
two packets of hot chocolate
3 L stakes for stove
Esbit Stove, no fuel
Y stakes
matches in waterproof container
hammock tree straps and tarp lines
In top pocket on flap
In pocket on underside of flap
first aid kit
strapped to pack bottom;
hammock and under quilt with shock cords and whoopie slings

attached to the pack is a Bell bicycle tail light and a Corona RC 4060 small saw,

On my belt kit;
compass pouch with compass and small LED light
small Bowie knife
2 magazines in pouches
Ruger P85 MKIIR 9mm
M16 pouch with camera in padded case

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