Hammock Shelter; SIlnylon and Ripstop and No See Um mesh….whoops!

Well here we go!

Sewn up another hammock shelter; this time out of 4 yards of Silicon impregnated nylon and 4 yards of Durable Water Repellent Nylon ; and two triangles of No See Um mesh; DSCN1841First hang; no weight in the hammock, it looks OK…a little IFFY on the triangle windows..

DSCN1842Triangle windows of no see um mesh. You can see the stress being put on the top of the triangle from the hammock suspension..and this is unloaded hammock.


so after putting SOME weight in the hammock, it ripped where one of the triangle windows were……SO…. looks like I will be taking the windows off, and then trying again and see if it will still work…..if not, then take it all apart and sew on another 4 yards of Silicon Nylon and make a 12 ft long rectangle tarp with no bottom parts or anything.



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