Modified pack straps and belt


Modified the lower straps of the vintage pack, to better fit me, and the waist belt as well; so that the buckle is closer to center, and providing me with the space to put gear on it… Also found one of my tents can actually fit in the lower compartment, with a 9×12 tarp as well, and that the pack can fit the tent poles as well! DSCN1762

the lower straps and the waist belt modified

DSCN1763close up of the ends of the lower straps, and the extra webbing with slots for LC gear

DSCN1764the pack with the canteen pouches, and utility pouches and filleting knife; in the flat pocket on the flap, I have the tent stakes and tarp stakes and lines, in the lower compartment, is a tent and a tarp

DSCN1765the tent poles fit the corners of the pack, with the cut outs on the shelf, there is plenty of room in there for clothes and food, also, the 5 other pockets are empty, so as to enable me to pack it better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe tent on the Left hand side is what is in the lower compartment, and is made by the same company who made the pack

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