Coleman Peak 1 framed Hellcat pack; Improved Hellcat

Acquired a vintage Coleman Peak 1 pack with frame; some of the hardware is damaged, and the pack fabric has some wear and tear and seems to be not as waterproof as it used to be; being 20 years old (ITW buckles have dates of 94 on them) ; So I decided to transfer my MOLLE and ALICE parts to the frame as a works without needing to be cut down like other PEAK 1 framed ALICE packs!



side by side of the front/frame side portions of both.



another view from the backDSCN1698

ALICE pack attached to unmodified PEAK 1 frame



front view, showing how the MOLLE components attach to the pack, I reused the PEAK 1 load lifter buckle straps, and used the MOLLE green straps to attach the ALICE pack to the frame in the slotted panelDSCN1700

ALICE lower pack attachment between Waist belt, which is also slotted into the side slotsDSCN1701

view from above, ALICE upper mounts, using the MOLLE short green load lifter strapsDSCN1702

PEAK load lifter straps in OEM positions, with the adjusting straps from the MOLLE shoulder straps threaded into the buckles.DSCN1706

SPEC OPS BRAND HUMP hydration pouch attached to the space between straps/belt and frame, using same slotted panelDSCN1705

lower strap attachment for MOLLE shoulder strapsDSCN1704

frame without pack, showing the geometry and the slotted panel in the center, the slots on the perimeter are ideal for lashing long items or cinch straps to reduce pack volumeDSCN1703


upper MOLLE shoulder strap centering straps slotted into two of the perimeter slots

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