Modified sleeping bag into a hammock underquilt, and a tarp shelter set up

Modified this $7 thrift store find, a Greatland brand Camo sleeping bag, I think it’s rated to 40 degrees; 72″x60″ size, full two way zipper….. added suspension loops and shock cord channels to the short ends in order to provide me with a way to hang it around my hammock 🙂  since the zippers are intact, I can add another sleeping bag to it and stack them under the hammock to provide me with additional warmth if I need to. .


Detail of Underquilt mount

close up of end on the hammock; showing the bungee hooked into the suspension and the channel cinching the end to prevent drafts  Underquilt

the underquilt on the hammock, it is pretty comfortable, laid in it for a few hours without needing a top quilt or additional warmth…temps yesterday were high 40s , low 50s I think. Underquilt Laid out

showing the width of the underquilt, with the segmented channels and the loops, instead of folding the 2.25″ webbing into half, I wanted it flat so that it still can be used as a sleeping bag. Underquilt shock cord channel and bungee mount

close up of the channel and the suspension loop

and the tarp shelter, it is a simple rectangle tarp, rigged so that instead of a pure rectangle with open ends, it is similar to a folded Hex shelter with corners being utilized as doors, and using a total of 4 stakes, one on each long side with V guy-lines, and one under the doors to keep them closed; it’s not long enough to cover the hammock suspension..but its enough to cover the hammock itself…

Rectangle Tarp rigged Hex style Rectangle Tarp Hex style side

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