made my own tactical HAMMOCK!

After reading up on the different types of hammocks, and not willing to buy an off-rack one for $80; I purchased 3 yards of 330D Cordura, uncoated in Woodland camouflage, and sewn up the hems and end channels, and sewn up continuous loops of webbing for suspension; I have not spent a night yet, but initial test hang shows it is very sturdy, and very breathable…..comfortable too with the mini spreader bars to open up the space and give me a flatter lay when I am laying on a diagonal lay….anyways, here are the pics!



hammock hanging between two trees; I used cargo tiedown straps for tree strapsDSCN1669

suspension end; showing the continuous loop of webbing attached to quick clip and the mini spreader bar end caps; the bars cause the end channel to be on a wider arc, instead of a super tight arc as without; this eliminates calf ridges, and also provides more space in the body for a good flat layDSCN1670

How I attached the ends of the loop; lots of X stitching, and the quick link, which has a Safe Working Limit of 615 pounds, I might modify the cargo tiedown straps to eliminate the hooks at their ends, and attach the buckle strap to the quick link to reduce weight of set upDSCN1671

close up of the spreader bars’ soft end caps, made from 10″ of 2″ wide webbing, and locked in place by looping the suspension straps around the channel.


the total weight of the set up, without a tarp, is around 5 pounds..most of which is in the hardware for the tree straps and aluminum spreader bars.


Next on the project; a couple ammo pouches and possibly a MOLLE/Integrated AK harness in DCU

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