Got Singer fixed, modified bike panniers and trailer build, and art piece!

Well after an interesting weekend of snow and ice out here.. and after spending two weeks with my parents (one week at Seaside, and one week at their home); I am glad to be back home πŸ™‚ got the Singer machine fixed, and while waiting on replacement of orange box, decided to modify a couple make-up cases into bike panniers;

also started a trailer build with wheelchair wheels and a lounger chair frame that I took apart; obviously the next step is a hitch and a way to keep the suitcase down; probably bungee cords or cargo net

DSCN1649 DSCN1646

make up cases into bike panniers with the current rack; rack is too short for the orange buckets. the cases have stiff panels on backs and fronts and bottoms, no fasteners for the flaps yet, they can hold 2 1 gallon water bottle, so that gives one an idea how big they are..


bike trailer with suitcase on and wheelchair wheels. will remove the steel hand rims, and probably use bungee cords across the top of the suitcaseDSCN1643

axle mount and bungee retaining strapDSCN1642

frame on its own; I probably will make a deck to go on there out of wood or make a cargo net sort of thing with straps

as for the art piece; I scored this Patrick Nagel Serigraph from a thrift store! It is 38×38 on the frame size; and it is Commemorative Serigraph #14 I think; with the text/top/bottom boxes blocked off by the Mat Board; and one of the local art galleries/framing shop have authenticated the Serigraph as being the real deal, not just a poster made on poster stock, and informed me that I made a good deal on it with the good frame and reputable framing shop.


on the wall in the hall


the sticker at the bottom of the back; DSCN1640

the back of the piece πŸ™‚

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