Getting back into Tactical gear mostly for myself…..

Hello world! After a good while of not being involved with the Tactical gear making side; and after looking for a vest/harness set up that would be ideal with my large girth and size…and having had no success…I decided to jump back into making tactical gear for myself….not for commercial sales or private sales; except in very specific circumstances; but otherwise…. mostly for my personal use 🙂 Made my own Harness/LBE, modeled after the following models; Eagle DFLCS, Safariland SPEAR/ELCS Harness portion, and the Israeli (IDF) Ephod Vest used from the 1980s-onward… black material, with pouches very much the same as what I have made; but directly sewn to the harness panels, and with Rothco’s H harness shoulder straps… took me 14 hours from start to finish on this thing…mostly due to measuring and cutting the fabrics and webbing.

the Specs are as follows; each Harness panel is 18″ long by 9″ tall on one side, 5″ tall on other side, with a 9″x5″ panel of Universal Webbing; IE, 3 rows of 1″ webbing and two rows of 2″ webbing, which enables the user to use both ALICE and MOLLE equipment, and two main pouches of 4.5″ width, with 5″ height and 2.5″ depth, and a smaller 6″x3″ Universal Webbing panel above the main pouches, and 2 4.5″x5″ flat profile open top pockets behind the pouches for misc flat items (empty SKS clips or Shears or cards or folded map, or emergency space blanket each would fit the pocket, maybe even a wallet!)

Current load is 300 rounds of 7.62x39mm on 10 rd SKS clips, one box of 25 12 gauge shells in the four main pouches, 10 shells of 12 gauge buckshot in a Rothco shotgun pouch above the two main pouches on one side,,  30 rounds of 9mm in two magazine pouches, one on each inboard side of the main center pouches, a 9mm Ruger P85 in a Rothco universal LC holster, a Lensatic USGI compass in a black compass/field dressing pouch, and a 2-AA Mini-Maglite inserted into one of the webbing slots

I am looking for either single pistol mag pouches in black MOLLE, or a double and a leatherman Kick MOLLE sheath to replace the two green pouches I have on there, and will add a general purpose utility pouch on the weak side (left side opposing the holstered side);

DSCF0406 DSCF0407 DSCF0408 DSCF0409 DSCF0410 DSCF0411

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