Some more progress on touring bicycle!

Making some more progress with my touring bicycle; got cables installed and adjusted; then mocked up with wheels and tires (very old skinwall tires) for brake adjustments and general appearance; seems that the CyclePro Oswego was originally a Touring bicycle frame…. or a commuter; it has full braze-ons; with the exception of not having newer style rack mounts on front fork; but it has eyelets for fenders and rack legs for the older style front racks; I am not sure if I want drop bars or if I want to keep the Bull-Moose handlebar; all that’s needed are chain, seat w/ seat post, and new slick tires; maybe change rear gearing to lower gears


on the rack after cables installed


with tires and wheels mocked on; no seat/seatpost yet

against the shorter wheel base MT1800 commuter bicycle

the MT1800 commuter bicycle with Pletcher rear rack, MOLLE sustainment pouches, and generic “IDF Paratrooper” bag mounted to front (modified the bag to mount via Tri-glides and straps)


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