On a break from sewing things; currently focused on bikes

So…. I am on a break from sewing things…. right now I am more focused on getting bicycles fixed/finished and possibly sell a couple of them….

here is my current bicycle project; a late ’80s CyclePro Oswego (fitting, as there is a town in Oregon called Lake Oswego ), 21″ seat tube height, 18″ chain stay length, relatively conventional angles and proportions. right now it is fitted with an old Bull Moose handlebar set that is designed for cantilever brakes; has a full set of braze-ons for rack, fenders, two bottle cages, and what seems to be a fitting for a frame pump..

I have V brakes on it since I only have one set of brake levers, and they were cannibalized from a cracked Schwinn Frontier frame. I am trying to figure out if I should run full cable housings for brakes, and bypass the cantilever brackets, or if I could get away with drilling the rear cable stop and running a cable through it? I think I can get away with routing the cable housing through the front bracket by removing the cable stop nut/bolt. Yes I am using a stand that used to be for two halogen work lights; it works as a stand, even though there is no clamp for the frame. I have a late 80s Mountain Goat that will be restored with new chain, new rear derailleur pulley wheels, correct era seat post and seat, and Araya wheels;

My plans for the CyclePro Oswego;after finishing the basics (new chain, new seat/seatpost, cables, wheel set, smooth tires/tubes), is to fit it out with a rack sandblasted to bare aluminum, and clear coated to match the silver bits on the bike, possibly fenders(either black or silver), and make a couple pannier bags that fit the look of the bicycle for touring…I believe this is a Touring frame, but I could be wrong…..I know I plan on putting a front bag on the handlebars, and a trunk bag on the rear pannier, I would love to find the same style bags as my military themed bicycle have, but in black…so far, I have found black versions of the USGI butt pack, and the Recon Butt Pack, but have not found black version of the MOLLE Sustainment Pouches, much to my surprise..

CyclePro Oswego

front end of bike

rear of bike

the storage shed; with my Mountain Goat Trench Goat bicycle that I will restore after finishing the Cycle Pro

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