Updating….redid bike bag set ups and did a grocery store run with bike!

So…I redid my bicycle bag set up; and got it to the point where I feel confident in its capacity as well as my own capacity….. anyways; on to the pics!

bike bags as is;

bike bags loaded with food! Left Side

rear view of bike bags loaded

all that food that were in the bags; not shown, the 1 qt canteen and stove and cup, and blanket, gloves, first aid kit, bandanna, hand towel, lock, two 2 qt canteens, and small tools.

and on a short trip today with my overnight stuff in bags;

such a nice day….

off the side of the road in the nice day outside…note how well the spokes blended in the background; the wheels are painted now; with the exception of the brake tracks and chain cogs;

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