slight update; working on the bicycle pack system and painting

So it is a beautiful Spring day out here…been doing lots of job applications and trying to refine my bicycle rig for more grocery capacity/hunting/camping…and doing a bit of  art painting…. bike so far has the following items lashed/rigged onto it;

two packed Medium ALICE packs on ALICE frames (frames are “flipped” so that smooth side is against the bike rack)

one USGI 9 strap compression sack loaded with tent, sleep bag, sleep pad, rope, stakes, poles

gun scabbard (Vism Shooting gear?) holding a hunting rifle and a medic pouch on outside

small “ALICE” styled bag up front, two medic pockets behind, and two 2-qt canteens in USMC pouches;

medium packs and gun scabbard on w first aid kit

angled view

back view showing just how wide it gets to be…

and my paintings so far;

painting of a nude woman; acrylics

work in progress painting of woman in red

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