some things… gun show and bike project

OK post gun show report; sold a few things on Sunday, after having zero sales on Saturday; and got a few contacts for custom gear.  I am now in the progress of building up a bicycle with military gear and bags, so far I am using surplus gear, but I am having some ideas for custom gear tailored to cyclists and bike-packers that is compatible with current military equipment! I also have 8 Woodland pouches for sale; and am making DCU pouches this week!

here is the bike as it sits now

the panniers are MOLLE Sustainment Pouches; here’s how they are attached;

another shot of the rack and pannier with cargo straps

the heavier duty “camping rig”, with seat and without seat (earlier photos)

handlebar rig; a 3 day pack with 2x 2 quart  on front and 2 Medic pockets and a 1 1-qt canteen in middle on back

I’m not sure if I like the green bags orientation, I might flip it around for ease of removing items from the bag… or cut the two smaller pouches on the side to make room for webbing to attach pouches or bags for lashing…


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