no new business, got ideas, heart surgery…

no new orders for my SKS pouches at the moment, so I’m looking at other pouch ideas and gear ideas, and trying to design a system of brackets to utilize LC frames onto a bicycle frame to enable people to use ALICE rucks as saddlebags on a MTB frame, and have been staying at my parents for a couple weeks due to my dad’s heart surgery, a triple bypass surgery.. He is doing very good and is coming home tomorrow, I will most likely remain here for the better part of 6 weeks as he recovers as an assistant and helper around the house, and a chauffeur since the Dr. told him no driving for 6 weeks. I might bring the sewing supplies over to their house so I can do some new ideas and projects and see what happens, I am thinking maybe make pouches for the Tapco SKS duckbills, not sure yet…

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